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Peak Oil has been around for a number of years but we are ignoring it as best we can

     Peak oil is one of the biggest things to hit mankind since the atom bomb. They both have the power to destroy mankind, but one we keep a close eye. And the other we carry on as if it doesn’t exist. Peak oil would be

one of the most hushed up stories in the media. And the main reason is us. 

We want action now but peak oil is like a slow growing cancer. 

     Peak Oil slowly and insidiously invades our way of life but we do nothing about it. Then Bang Peak Oil is on us and there is not enough oil left in the world for us to change to an oil-less society. At present mankind is worrying what the weather will be like in 2030. And I’m wondering if any semblance of society will exist in 2030. 

Peak Oil is going to cause severe problems in most parts of the globe.

     And western civilization as we know it will not exist the way it is without oil. Peak Oil will see to that. Because this is a new era, we don’t know what the world will be like peak oil. We haven’t lived without oil for over 150 years. But after Peak Oil we are going to have to. 

     Mankind has so far survived everything the planet has thrown at him. Civilizations have collapsed before, and mankind is still here. So we can safely assume mankind is not ready for extinction yet, we hope. But will mankind survive Peak Oil.

     Most past cultures crashed because they ran out of a natural resource. Whether it was water or trees, running out caused vast empires to collapse so us running out of oil is no different. Past civilizations didn’t realize they were going to collapse and neither do we.

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