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                                                                                          peak oil message news

To find out the latest peak oil message news hit the internet

Actually towards the end of 2007 there was very little peak oil news or messages in the mainstream media. Even some of the main peak oil news sites were pretty bear. And to top it off some well respected peak oil commentators are not using the words peak oil in their latest messages. 

Maybe peak oil has passed so the pundits have to come up with another word to describe what is happening in the future

Peak oil got off to a very bad start with the doomsayers dominating the scene. 

There were some pretty gloomy predictions of the future with mankind degenerated back to living in caves. When nothing happened except the price of oil went up, the messages didnít stir the masses anymore. Mind you it did happen when Easter Island, Anasazi of New Mexico and the Maya civilizations collapsed and peak oil prophets were just comparing the past with now. 

Iím not saying it wont happen. 

It didnít happen in Cuba so it shouldnít happen here, but I would still take precautions. So now with the doom and gloom prophets fallen by the wayside there is not too much excitement in the peak oil messages. Now boring old peak oil has been discarded by the masses and there is very little peak oil news as well as messages on the peak oil blogs

It seems that the government-backed message of a peak in oil production after 2025 and all its connotations is the dominant view on the blogs. I was reading a recently written article about agriculture after peak oil and there was nothing about what Cuba did. I was very surprised so I think peak oil has lost its luster. Add a comment on the Blog then check out the Peak Oil page for resources about surviving the future.




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