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                                                                                                                             peak oil forum

Peak oil forums were the places to be a few years ago but nowadays they seen to all have died or been replaced by a Blog

When peak oil was on everybodyís mind a few years ago before Al Gore and his views on global warming I used to find time to hit the peak oil forums quite regularly to keep up to date. But now in the middle of 2007

with oil over $80 a barrel there is nothing happening on the forums and just about as much on the Blogs

So I could honestly say peak oil has lost interest. 

It seems there are more things going on in the world that are more important than peak oil. In my view peak oil is like a cancer. It is an insidious growth that just keeps growing and growing and nobody wants to know about it. So they push it in the background and hope it will go away. But it isnít going to go away. It will just get worse. 

The strange thing is we will see the effects of peak oil. 

I could nearly guarantee that a healthy person under 50 years old will see the start of the collapse and we will be left wondering why we didnít do anything to stop it. We didnít do anything because we turned a blind eye to it and hoped it would go away. 

I think the peak oil forums and Blogs were its downfall. They were all filled with doom and gloom when the economy was booming, so most people couldnít comprehend it and turned their attention to something else. 

Iím not surprised as there were some pretty weird comments about the future on the forums I belonged too. Anyway you can check out this Blog and then have a look at our Peak Oil page for some products and resources to survive the future.




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