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                                                                                                                     peak oil discussion

As global warming and the mortgage meltdown take up the news there is not peak oil discussion going on.

Actually there is very little peak oil discussion going on. Now in October 2007 with oil off its highs of $83 a barrel you would think people would be interested in the future but not so. The peak oil forum I belong is dead, there is no action at all. But back in 2005 things were very different.

There were new posts everyday but then global warning took center stage and peak oil took back stage and has never recovered. Now global warming is starting to take back stage. Now I wonder if peak oil will come back. 

I donít think so, there are too many multinational companies who donít want people to know about peak oil. 

The last thing they want is people changing to accommodate peak oil. I think a lot of people were put off peak oil because of the doom and gloom scenarios that a lot of peak oil people were going on about. If you checked out the peak oil sites from a few years ago they were all about mass starvation and cannibalism

So I am not surprised a lot of people wrote off peak oilers as a bunch of fanatics. But that scenario is still quite possible. My greatest fear is somebody nukes the Saudi oil fields and then 60% of the oil is gone overnight. Then the worst-case scenarios will happen. At the moment the peak oil discussion is mainly about renewables and plug in electric hybrids. Things that can help slow down the consumption of oil to give us a chance to prepare for the future.

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