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                                                                                                                                  peak oil cnn

Peak oil comes and goes in the news but when it was popular back in 2005 CNN brought out a peak oil documentary

Back in 2005 before Al Gore and his Global Warming movie and road show, peak oil was actually in the news. But that all changed after Al Gore and his Global Warming scare took over the minds of the people. Global

Warming is a threat to mankind but it is not an immediate threat and Peak Oil will affect mankind before Global Warming sets in. 

But CNN and the media picked up on Global Warming and The Peak Oil Crisis took a back seat and has still not reclaimed the top slot as the greatest danger affecting the planet and everybody on it. Anyway back in 2005 there were a number of documentaries and CNN’s “We Were Warned - Tomorrows Oil Crisis” brought home the fact that without oil the economy would stop. 

The documentary was very well done. 

Set a few years in the future about a number of disasters affecting the oil supply and America and the world running out of oil. The main problem, I think, was the documentary was about fictitious disasters and it did not really tie in with the world actually running out of oil. 

I dread the fictitious disasters happening because they could happen any time.  

My greatest fear is the Saudi oil fields get nuked then 60% of the world’s oil goes overnight. Even if nothing happens we are near the mid point of oil so the future as was predicted in the documentary could happen. But the people don’t think so because the oil crisis was caused by outside factors not the general depletion of oil. So in effect I think the documentary was treated more like a disaster movie. You can download the CNN documentary and other peak oil documentaries from 

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