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Go To China To Teach English, Learn Chinese And Have A Great Time

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Overpopulation seems to the greatest threat to the future of the planet and we are doing nothing about it.

     I just finished reading the National Geographic about topsoil depletion and I couldn’t help wondering

after looking at the pictures and reading the article that the main problem was overpopulation. The problem in Haiti is too many people not too little topsoil to grow food. And that is the problem with the planet. 

There are just too many people on planet earth. 

     Everywhere we look the problem boils down to just too many people. If you watched the second Planet Earth – The Future series, the overwhelming problem that caused the extinction of other species was just too many people. Anything living on the planet that came into conflict with humans whether for parts, food or just plain old competition for living space was wiped out. 

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     The emergence of a middle class in China and India is causing the destruction of rainforest around the world, whether for timber or to turn into food to supply the fastest growing nations on earth. We can’t stop illegal logging or the illegal slaughter of animals for the few and if we did how are those people going to support themselves. We can’t stop villagers collecting eggs or honey to sell for a few cents but we can do something about controlling the next generation. 

China exports nearly everything to all countries of the world so why don’t they export their ‘One Child Policy’ 

     I still maintain that the reason China is heading for superpower status is because of their ‘One Child Policy.’ It stands to reason if you only have one child then you will have more money to spend on other things and this spending on other things is what makes the world go round. 

     It is too late for Haiti now they are in collapse mode at the present and stopping kids now might help but how can you do it. Other countries we might be able to save but we have to start now. How I just don’t know but it is possible the only way to save the planet.   

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