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The Overpopulation Paradox

     I was just reading a forum about Dr. Albert A. Bartlett's "Arithmetic, Population, and Energy" video that you can watch for free on YouTube. The video explains about how easily and quickly population growth will overtake a society and at present the world is in a very serious situation. I've come to the conclusion there is very little hope for mankind

There were more comments from people who didn't believe there was a population problem and they had facts and figures to prove it. 

     A few people talked about demographics and how Japan was thrown into a 18 year recession and now because of the recession there are very few children born in Japan. 

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      A group in the USA say after 2010 the same sort of thing will happen in America. When the 'Baby Boomers' start to retire then the country will be thrown into a Japan style recession as they will stop spending money on their children. 

People were actually worried about this situation. 

     But I don't think that will affect democratic America as much as people say because they still have large families compared to other western countries. They are so tuned into the growth model they think the world will collapse without it. 

     Anyway with the financial crisis in the US now people will stop having kids because they can't afford them. When most countries end up in a serious recession they stop having kids. The same thing is happening in Italy now so how are we going to survive the future

     What really gets me is the Christian set going on about having more kids because God told them to "Go forth and multiply." They have no idea off the strain they are putting on the world's ecosystems. And nearly all kids born this millennium are going to have a terrible life whether they believe in God or not with global warming, peak oil and food problems.

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