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Teaching Your Children To Read Try Montessori Reading and Writing

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"How To Make An Online CV Using FREE Software"

Hoe to make an online CV using free software

Find out How Your Children Can..... 

"What You Need To Know To Survive The Future"

How To Put Together An Online CV Using Free Software To Get The Job You Want

     Since the financial crisis of 2007, jobs have been and still are extremely hard to get. The financial crisis effectively wiped out the middle class, so there are less jobs for university graduates and high school graduates, as well as everybody who is trying to get back into the work force.

     And to top it all off businesses are closing down in record numbers. And that means business owners and their employees are back in the workforce. So competition for each job has just heated up. And there are less jobs being advertised. That means more people are applying for each job. All hoping beyond hope they will get the job.

     Now you can give yourself the edge with an online CV.

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     When your future employer sees your CV, you have possibly less than 30 seconds to impress, or delete. You are competing against the dreaded delete button, as well as everybody else who applied. Your CV has to be more eye catching, better set up and contain what your prospective employer needs to know, just to evade the dreaded delete button.

To Homeschooling Parents And Parents of Children who are having Problems Learning to Read

Have A look At Three Free Videos About How to Teach Your Child To Read 

     Video 1: Introduction To Montessori Reading.

 Video 2: How To Make Sandpaper Letters. 

          Video 3: How To Teach Reading Using Sandpaper Letters

     As has been said many times before 'a picture tells a thousand words' and these free videos do just that. They are easier to understand as you can see how to make sandpaper letters then how to teach using them.  

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       When you send in your CV you usually hear nothing back.

     But with an online CV tailored to match the job you are applying for, things could be very different.

     Your CV is the first contact between you and your prospective employer. It has been said 'first impressions mean a lot' so make your first impression memorable with a hand made online CV.

     Also if you have a page counter on your CV you can see how many times your CV has been looked at.

                   No website, doesn't matter.

     There are many free websites you can choose from. So you can have an online CV even if you haven't got a website. Nowadays you can do some amazing things with free websites, and you don't need any skills to set them up. In the book we use a number of free websites that are very easy to use. The learning curve doesn't take too long to master.

     Now to get your future employer to notice you.

     You need a CV that will make you stand out above the crowd. And an online CV that you put together yourself will give you that extra edge to get the job you want. And you need the edge, as you are competing with a ton of people all trying to get the same job you want, as well as the dreaded delete button.

     Why You Need An Online CV?

     Since the internet has invaded our lives, it has somehow managed to change what we do, and how we do it, in a very short time. There are still jobs advertised in the newspapers, but there are more jobs advertised online on the internet. When you apply for a job advertised in the newspaper, do you send in a traditional CV, or do you apply online. And if you apply online, how do you apply. 

     At present online CVs do not seem to be the rage. And a CV copy pasted to an email, does not look very good. So what do you do? You can have a CV online so anybody can access it. Now your new employer will be able to see your exceptionally good CV online.

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     When your CV is online you can twink it to suit the job you are going for, and it is very easy to adjust and change, as your situation changes. The online world is the future, so making your CV available online is being part of the future.

     Now how do you set up an online CV?

     Well this little book will show you how. It goes through which FREE programs to use and how to use the programs. So anybody with limited internet skills will be able to put together an online CV, as well as a video presentation. And you could be on the way to write a book, to add value to what you can put on your CV. The unusual all helps when you are going for a job in a depressed job market.

     There are many different little bits and pieces that you can do to add more meaning to your CV. It doesn't take much to upgrade a boring old CV. Also with the book, there is a link to an online video, that has been put together using the free software mentioned in the book. The video walks you through, on screen, how to use the software. So even if your computer skills need upgrading, you can still throw together a very decent online CV with a video.


     Thank you for your time      
     All The Best Surviving The Future




      Peter Legrove



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