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When you want to find out the latest on global warming just open a newspaper

There was a time before the mortgage meltdown when global warming was the hottest news. But as with all news the people on the

overpopulated planet soon get tried of the same old stuff and moved onto new pastures. 

And that is what happened with newspaper news about global warming

For some reason the people love disasters and when they figured out they have to wait a few more years for global warming to seriously kick in they gave up waiting. So the newspaper headlines about global warming started moving from the front page. Now there are still stories about global warming and the future, but the people on the overpopulated planet just donít seem to care. 

They waited long enough for something to happen and it never did. 

The same thing happened with peak oil and now there is very little peak oil news. Peak oil just took too long to get here. Anyway the newspapers will carry on until we have deforested all the forests and there is nothing left to make paper with. 

Even now the newspapers come out with a few good global warming stories, like when the UK newspaper came out and agreed with The Great Global Warming Swindle video. They now say in England that Ďglobal warming is caused by the suní and that is what the video said. 

Now good olí Al has his Nobel Prize heís not too worried. But I still think he should have mentioned something about looking at the overpopulation levels, after he showed the graph of the population explosion, as he says that global warming is caused by human activities. By limiting humans and their activities we might have an effect on global warming. Anyway if there are less people on the overpopulated planet then there will be less people migrating from the areas affected by global warming. But that was not to be. 

For more information and resources about global warming check out our Global Warming page then head over to the Blog to have your say.



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