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                                                                                                                          mulch for vegetable garden

You can just about use anything as mulch for your vegetable garden

Mulch is anything you put around the plants in your garden to stop the weeds from growing and to conserve water. You can use basically anything including old carpet, newspapers, rags and straw,

hay compost and whatever. If you are starting a garden and you want to kill off the grass just roll out some old carpet and leave it. 

If it is one meter wide it is a perfect size for a vegetable garden bed

When you want to start planting a vegetable garden just poke a hole in the carpet and drop in a seed. If you think the carpet is unhealthy just roll it up and start another bed. I would throw plenty of spinach seeds around the exposed soil after you take away the carpet as all the seeds that have been waiting for the sun will spring into life. Spinach is fast enough to cover the ground before the other plants get a good foothold. 

You can do the same with newspaper. 

Iíve even used sheets of corrugated iron. When you are ready to plant the vegetable garden bed just move the tin to the next bed. Make sure you have something to weigh it down in case the wind starts up. 

After the garden is up and growing I use all the leaves grown in the garden that I donít want as mulch. Nothing goes to waste just diseased plants and obnoxious weeds. They are burnt in the fire bin. That is why I like growing spinach as a cover crop so I can use the leaves as mulch for the vegetable garden and it helps to keep the weeds out of the soil.

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