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                                                                                  learning another language

Start learning another language today

Can you see yourself, now, strolling through the markets and bazaars of downtown Paris or Mexico City or even Berlin? Bargaining like a local and knocking the price down of everything you buy. Instead of getting ripped off because you couldn’t speak their language.  

And walking into any restaurant or café, whether up-market or just an ordinary place where the locals frequent, and chatting confidently with the waiter, rattling off the local dishes like you have lived there forever. Instead of just pointing to something and hoping you can stomach it. 

Have you ever thought about retiring in another country 

Like somewhere in South America, where the weather is better and you can live quite comfortable on your pension. Owning a small casa in a quite village with a local housekeeper to keep it clean and tidy. Living the quite relaxed life and not having to worry too much about money. 

Eating with your neighbors at the cantina and shopping at the mercado for food and everything you need.  A country where life is simple and most médico are a lot  cheaper. Walking up in the mañana to the smell of tortillas waffling in the ventana.

But has the thought of learning another language at your age kept putting you off.

What about working in another country. 

They saw the global village is getting smaller with the Internet. Now with an Internet connection you can work anywhere, so why not live and work in a different country. Even if you don’t live off the Internet having another language on your CV would definitely be a plus.

After you arrive in your new country, what do you do? Do you stay at home and watch TV or live off the internet all day. And wonder what you are doing here. You could be out and about, loving your freedom. Crashing out in the markets or cafes. Living life to the max. Sampling what your new home country has to offer. Buying the local handicrafts. You never know you might be able to start up your very own export company. And send all the lovely little crafts back to your home country. 

Or you could teach English. Why not! Most countries are screaming out for English teachers. To get you started on your new career try out this TEFL course. Get a certificate and you are on your way to working and living in a foreign country.

Thank you for your time.

Peter Legrove






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