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When your children start to learn to read phonics they will need some help

Most children are brought to recite the alphabet so when they start to learn to read phonics they have to relearn the sounds, as the phonics letters and combinations sound are different for the alphabet. When I

teach phonics I try not to say the alphabet letter sounds that we all know. Actually there is no reason to learn the alphabet as we never use it for anything other than something to learn. 

If you just learnt the phonics sounds life would be easier. 

You must tell your children when they start to learn to read phonics to forget the alphabet and start using the new sounds. It doesn’t take long before your children realize the connection between the phonic sounds and words. After they realize this, phonics becomes easier and they start to look as words as sounds and they try to pronounce the word correctly. 

A big problem when your children start to learn to read phonics is, they can read but they do not understand what they are reading. They love the mechanics of reading and can read very well. You have to explain the words and sentence meanings so your children will learn to love reading. I recommend this Montessori course as it explains this situation quite well. 

Phonics is the best way to learn to read and for more information about phonics courses I recommend see our teach reading page.









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