If you‘d like to learn to speak Spanish effortlessly, to be confident in a Spanish speaking country and to have more time to enjoy the language, without spending hours studying, then this is the course for you.  

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Dear Friend:

Can you see yourself, now, strolling through the markets and bazaars of downtown Buenos Aires or Mexico City or even Madrid? Bargaining like a local and knocking the price down of everything you buy. Instead of getting ripped off because you couldn’t speak Spanish. Learn Spanish Now!

And walking into any restaurant or café, whether up-market or just an ordinary place where the locals frequent, and chatting confidently with the waiter in Spanish, rattling off the local dishes like you have lived there forever. Instead of just pointing to something and hoping you could stomach it. Speak Spanish Language Now!

Or jumping on a local bus and heading out to a local tourist attraction and just mingling with the local people, speaking in Spanish, visiting the same things they visit. Instead of just staying on the hotel organized tours. Learn to speak Spanish

Is this really you or does this seem like the impossible dream?

It can be done. 

Read what these people, who have done it, have to say!

Your course is fantastic! I was not a Spanish speaker at all (despite living for years in Houston, Texas where Spanish is pretty commonly spoken). I downloaded your course on the Internet (it was recommended by an Internet review site) and put the lessons on my iPod. For about two months, I listened to the language lessons while I drove and I played the vocabulary game on my computer.                           Alisa Kline

What a difference, I have learned so much and with such ease that I've surprised myself and my Spanish friends. I am able to read and make comments at a weekly Spanish group Bible study, and I'm able to understand most of the others comments as well. I can't thank you enough.                                                                  Delta Rose

The course is well designed and moves at a fast enough pace to hold the attention of a quick learner but allows as much time and as many repetitions as needed to allow anyone to understand each part. The written materials are a great support and cover the details and “dry” stuff while requiring a minimum of memorization.     Steve L. Bemis

I live in Texas... South Texas actually, so this is helpful in communicating with the Spanish speaking people that live in my area and I also travel to Mexico quite a bit and I enjoy speaking my enhanced Spanish there now, so I really appreciate it. If other people want to buy rocket Spanish, I think that it would be a great purchase, I would highly recommend it, I've tried other Spanish programs and this one is definitely the best. So once again, thanks for a great product.                            Raymon West

Have you ever thought about retiring in another country 

Like somewhere in South America, where the weather is better and you can live quite comfortable on your pension. 

Owning a small casa in a quite village with a local housekeeper to keep it clean and tidy. Living the quite relaxed life and not having to worry too much about money. 

Eating with your neighbors at the cantina and shopping at the mercado for food and everything you need.  A country where life is simple and most médico are a lot cheaper. 

But has the thought of learning to speak Spanish at your age kept putting you off.

Well!! Now you can.   

What about working in another country. 

They saw the global village is getting smaller with the Internet. Now with an Internet connection you can work anywhere, so why not live and work in a different country. 

Even if you don’t live off the Internet having another language like Spanish on your CV would definitely be a plus. And you never know the boss might just send you there. 

Walking up in the mañana to the smell of tortillas waffling in the ventana. Then jumping in an old, beaten-up taxi, swerving through narrow streets to be dropped off at some gleaming office building in the downtown area. All the time, catching up on the local news from the taxi taxista

A country, where life is so different, and yet work is not so different, but there is only one serious problem. The language.

Now the language is a problem anymore.  

What happens if your husband or wife lands a job in a Spanish speaking country.  

After you arrive in your new country, what do you do. 

Do you stay at home and watch TV or live off the internet all day. And wonder what you are doing here. You could be out and about loving your freedom. Instead of just waiting around for your other half to come home so you have someone to talk to. 

You could be crashing out in the markets or cafes. Living life to the max. Sampling what your new home country has to offer. Buying the local handicrafts. You never know you might be able to start up your very own export company. And send all the lovely little crafts back to your home country.

So why don't you!!

You have been learning Spanish for what seems like ages 

But it seems like it goes in one ear and out the other. Now you have got exams just around the corner. Your life is a mess, so what do you do. 

You can study all night and try and cram it all in.  Spend hours looking over your grammar books. Carry little cards, with the Spanish words on them, around and read them on the bus.

Now there is an easier way

Or maybe you would love to learn a foreign language 

But don’t know if you can. You have heard that some people have studied for years and then, when they get to the foreign country they can’t understand or say anything. “Why.” You say to yourself “What’s the point.”

Well now you can. 

The course you are looking for is right here.

With another language under your belt a whole new world opens up. A world where you can talk to nearly anybody and still do what you want to do. 

You don’t have to find a translator just to go shopping. 

You are not afraid to go anywhere or do anything. 

You don’t have to hang out in the expat community. 

The whole country is yours, not just the areas where you feel comfortable and don’t need any language skills. Usually a very limited area.

Have you wondered if it is at all possible?

So what do you do?

First you can Google it or Yahoo it and see what’s out there.

Then you can Amazon it or hit the bookshops.

There are a lot of different courses out there, different prices and different formats so where do you start.

You don’t need to.  

We have the course you are looking for right here.


Rocket Spanish has changed the way we learn languages. Rocket Spanish started out in 2004 and is now one of the leading Interactive Spanish Courses available on the internet. 

How did Rocket Spanish start?

Mauricio Evlampieff from Chile used to teach Spanish and he wanted to find a program so his friends could learn Spanish easily. He checked out all the available courses. 

Mauricio had learnt English at school many years ago, so he knows all about the frustration and set-backs of learning a new language. And he was looking for a course that made learning a language enjoyable and easier so you could forget about the frustrations and set-backs.

He looked everywhere but he couldn’t find any course or program like that. One that he would like to give to his friends so they could learn Spanish easier. 

So he designed his own. 

And what a course he designed. A course that will change the way we learn languages. This course has all the mod cons, just download it to your computer. Or if you like you can order the hard copies. You get over 500 pages of written lessons, games and other resources to speedily improve your Spanish no matter where you are now. 

The course is crammed full of high quality step-by-step audio lessons that make learning Spanish a lot easier. Learning another language is about persistence and his audio lessons just make you want to learn. So you don’t have to worry about the persistence problem.

And to help you learn Spanish in the shortest possible time you have over 12 hours of interactive lessons to set you on your way to speaking like a natural. All tied together in a 31 lesson Interactive Audio Course. 

You also have a conversation course book and beginner and advanced grammar books that are audio supported. All to help you to master learning Spanish. 

All this includes over 500 pages, 414 exercises and to top it off there are the incredibly trendy software learning games which show how you are progressing in your studies.

If you are still not sure what the course is all about just sign up for the 6 Part FREE introductory course.  Just click on the button

Being bilingual will set you apart and since Spanish is the third most popular language in the world you can confidently travel to any country in Central or South America, except Brazil where they speak Portuguese. But even there a lot of people can speak Spanish. 

Even in Europe you can speak Spanish in Spain. Want about retiring to Spain or one of the many countries where they speak Spanish. 

Have you ever thought about that. A different environment  and if you are now living in a cold climate, the ideal choice as Spanish is spoken on or near the equator, where the sun never stop shining.

Also being bilingual can give you more job opportunities and having a second language on your CV could land you that job. What about working in a strange and exotic place, learning new customs and traditions away from the humdrum of the western world. Is this you?

Well now you can. 

You have a choice of 2 different programs-- the instant or the hard copy. 

The instant program is a course that you can download from the Internet and in about 5 minutes you can be on your way to speaking Spanish in less that 3 months. You can then download the parts of the course you are learning to MP3 and carry them with you, where ever you go 

The hard copy is as it suggests, all on CD and CDROM. Just pop a disk into your CD player and away you go. Or if you spend a lot of time in your car why not learn while you drive, or sit in rush hour traffic waiting to go someplace. If you are sitting all alone in your car, you can chat away quite freely answering the conversation dialogues.

To find out more about learning Spanish with Rocket Spanish just click here.

Thank you.

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