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Why should you learn a language?

Well to start off, it would be ideal to learn the language before you go on
holiday to your chosen country. When you get there you will be able to talk to the local people and therefore, hopefully have a good holiday. Also learning a language has added benefits that could last a lifetime.

Altzemiers disease is devastating the older generation and it is likely you could be a candidate. 

Scientists have found that older people who keep their brains active actually have a lower incidence of Altzemiers. Also it has been shown that people who learn and speak a second language have a much lower incidence of the disease. And it is a fun and frustrating way to keep your brain active. 

To learn a language is not easy but it can be fun especially if you treat learning as a hobby. 

That means walking around attached to a MP3 or walkman in your spare time. And after you have mastered the pronunciation you can read the new language aloud every time you are alone. Or you can sit in a corner of the park and hopefully nobody can hear you. 

There are many ways to learn a language - whether you join a class or not. Now with the internet you can get onto second life and find somebody who speaks your target language and try and practice. But you should be above basic. 

Also now you can buy complete language courses over the internet or you could join an online class. Now the internet has brought everything closer so it is a lot easier to learn a language. Before you hit the internet to practice it might be an idea to listen to a few MP3s to get an idea of how the language works.

For a collection of language learning programs see our Learn Another Language Page.





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