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                                                                                  learn language online

Learning a language online is the modern way to go.

The internet has made language learning online a lot easier, but to learn any language it still takes time and effort. At times it can seem like you are taking three steps forward and sliding two steps back. There are many popular languages you can learn online and there are many online

classes. But just because you are learning online it does not mean that you will learn any faster. You will have access to native speakers and teachers but learning languages online is still in its infancy.  

You can get one to one classes or you can join a virtual class on Second Life as well as the online back up if you get stuck. 

As a language practice tool I do like Second Life, as it is open to the world and you can find people to speak any language too. Also with learning a language online you can download the mp3s and listen to them anywhere. You are not always tied to your computer with a headset.

When you are looking to learn a language online there are basically two learning modes you can choose from. 

The most popular online program type at the moment is where you download the course and go through the course at your own pace. You usually get access to a learnerís area where you can practice the language with the Teachers and other students. If this style suits you then go for it. Learn the way you like to learn. 

The latest mode of learning on the internet is the classroom style model. At a certain time you all come together for a class with a teacher. If you like the classroom setting then do it. This style is behind the virtual classroom on Second Life where you sit in a class as a virtual figure. At present it is still new so I donít know enough about it to make a comment.

For a collection of language learning programs see our Learn Another Language Page.                                 

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