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                                                                             Learn a foreign language.

Now we live in a global village donít you think it is time to start learning a foreign language.

As most of the educated developed world learns English why shouldnít the English speaking world start to learn a foreign language. In the

English speaking western world there seems to be a sort of conspiracy to keep languages away from school children. Iím not really surprised as when I went to school I had to learn French and I couldnít. 

So I am not surprised that language learning has taken a back seat to other subjects.

At the moment China is driving the world in about everything and education is part of it. I think the school kids start learning English in grade two when they are 6 or 7 years old. With an education system like that it is no wonder that China will be the next super power. 

As education levels in the west seem to be getting lower and lower it should be time to change. They say Spanish is quite an easy language to learn so why not give it a go. Actually learning a foreign language is not easy. You need persistence and more persistence. It is so easy to give up. There is no magic bullet for foreign language learning, there is just a lot of time and effort you have to put in. 

They say the best way is to go to a country where they speak the language but that is not always possible. And also, once you get there it still takes time to learn. You will not instantly pick up the language just because you live there. It just seems a lot easier but is it. If you get a Teaching English Certificate you can teach English and learn the language at the same time. 

I debate this - you will pick up the language just because you live there. I lived in Hong Kong - where they speak English and Cantonese -  for a couple of years and my Cantonese is pathetic so you just donít pick up the language unless you have too. 

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