Would You Like to Live on 2300+meters of Land in Darlington Point NSW Australia

Darlington Point is a sleepy little village of about 1000 people nestled on the banks of the Murrumbidgee River.

Would you like to join this community?

The peaceful Murrumbidgee River flowing within a short walk. The place to go on picnics or kayaking or just plain swimming in the summer heat. There are a number of good beaches along the banks of the river. In the crystal clear waters you can wash off the summer heat, then lie in the shade of the gum trees to dry off. After a hard day swimming it is time to relax with the fishing rod and see if you can catch your supper, in the clear unpolluted waters of the mighty Murrumbidgee River.

What do you dream of?

That was my dream many years ago. But alas, times change and I don’t think I will ever make it back to the banks of the mighty Murrumbidgee River every again.

Now! My only connection to the river is a block of land on the East side near the Griffith Road.

You see, many years ago, I used to work on Kooba Station, I was the Kooba Cat Driver and I thought I had found my place in life. So I brought a little 2356 (approx) meter section on Narrand Road, expecting to build a home there.

My piece of land was near the junction of the Griffith and Leeton Road, a beautiful pocket of land all set for my dream home. I was going to put up one of those steel frame houses.

They seemed ideal.

All you needed was a concrete pad and they would stick up the house or you could do it yourself. I looked at Nu-steel, EazyBuild and Yarra Steel. They all build steel house and as I was looking to save money, they seemed reasonable priced.

Another option I looked at was relocating a house. At that time Koona Station had a number of houses that nobody was living in. And I thought one of those would fit nicely on my lovely piece of land. I checked the houses and they looked pretty sound. And to move a house a relocation company in Wagga Wagga would move it no problem.

What can you do with this beautiful block of land?

They were my options as I was looking for something on the cheap side, but you are not limited to my options. For you, you might be looking at a mansion, you might like the feel of being surrounded by a large house, then space is not a  problem.

You could put up a custom, architecturally designed home and add your own finishing touch to your new home.

If you like gardening there is plenty of space for a veggie garden and also a beautiful flower garden. You could have the flower garden growing along the road frontage. When people drive past on the way to Griffith or Leeton they will see your garden.

And as you are living near the river and there is town water hooked up to your lovely little piece of land, there will be no problem with water. Some places in rural Australia are running out of water, but you will not be one of them.

What is Darlington Point all about? 

Darlington Point is not all that isolated. You only need a short 33 km drive to the bustling city of Griffith, the heart of the Riverina District. There you will find everything you need. 

Anyway with modern living everything you need is as close as your Internet modem, so you will never feel isolated. In the Darlington Point community you have shops, pubs and everything a small town offers. And everything else can be delivered by the postman.

If you like country living and you need a job there are many big farms in the neighbourhood. And there is a lot of seasonal work around so you don’t need to worry. You could always check out Kooba Station like I did, that is a good farm to work on. I loved it there, and as I said I was looking at spending the rest of my life there.

But things change.

As I haven’t been back to back to the banks of the mighty Murrumbidgee River for over 20 years I had no idea of how much the land was worth. So I did an internet search and actually came up with a couple of results from Darlington Point.

Click this link to go to the realestate.com.au site.

But those blocks of land were about a 1000 meters smaller than my lovely piece of land, and one was further out of town than my land. Even though my land is on the east side of the Murrumbidgee River Bridge it is still fairly close to the center of the Point.

Only a short stroll down to the river and over the bridge.

As you can see from the realestate website the two blocks of land are going for $35,000 and $40,000. Using these prices as a guide and as my lovely block of land is about 1000 meters larger, I think a price of $67,000 is pretty reasonable, don’t you.

On the real estate website next to the map there is a Free suburb report. Download it and have a look at what the average prices for real estate in The Point have been for the last year.

The 2008 Government Valuation for the block just came in at $52100, That is up 50% from the last valuation so the prices are still going up. 

What do you do to start living in The Point?

As I was thinking of living my life near the banks of the river I left the Title Deed to my lovely block at my Lawyer’s office in Griffith. So when you decide to live near the banks of the mighty Murrumbidgee River, everything to do with the land will be taken care of by my Lawyers.

Right now I am living by another river, but not a river as mighty as the mighty Murrumbidgee River, in another country so I cannot be there to handle the land transaction. And that is also the reason I haven’t get any photos of my beautiful piece of land to see how my dream land looks now.

The best I can do is give you the Google Earth view. This way you can see the surrounding area as it actually looks from space. Go back to the realestate website and click on the Land In Darlington Point.

After it comes up, go to the Property Location map and click on the Hybrid button. This map will show you Darlington Point from space, a lovely sleepy little village.

Play around with the 4 arrows in the top left hand corner until you have familiarized yourself with your new home village. Now follow Kidman Way (Highway 87) across the River Bridge until you come to Narrand Street. This time use the + button to zoom in.

My lovely piece of land is the empty vacant block on the south side of the road. The last block before the farmland, at the end of town. To get a larger view go to Google Earth. Click here for Google Earth download, its free.


Or go to your web browser and type in ‘Google Earth.’ Then from the search results click the Google Earth download and now the world is yours. It takes a while to download and then upload.

In the "Fly To" box near the top left side type in, Darlington Point NSW Australia and click the blue magnifying glass button and Google Earth will take you right there. Then zoom in using the + sign and find your way around using the arrows in the right hand corner.

The coordinates for my ex-dream piece of land are 34 degrees 34’00 minutes South and 148 degrees 00’41 minutes East.

Google Earth is an amazing tool. This will give you the big picture of Darlington Point.

Now to live in The Point on your very own lovely piece of land

just send me an email              plegrove@gmail.com

Then we will help you start a new life in a quiet rural village.  

Yours Faithfully.

Peter Legrove.