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Ladybugs are one of the most beautiful and also one of the most beneficial so why not have a ladybug habitat on your window.

Ladybugs On The Window Ledge

  Of all the insects in the great outdoors, the ladybugs or Ladybirds as they are sometimes called, are possible the most beautiful. When you are outside in the garden, sometimes ladybugs will land on you and crawl on your clothing. And you can see one of the wonders of nature close up and personal. Ladybugs are also beneficial to your garden as they eat aphids.

 Ladybugs nowadays come in many shapes and sizes. We have ladybug jewelry, ladybug watches, ladybug cups and ladybug pictures on our clothes and walls. So why wouldn't we want the real thing, real ladybugs growing up in our homes. And now, thanks to modernization, we can. When I was a kid we keep our ladybugs in an old pickle jar. But things have changed drastically since then.  


Children love nature so why help nurture that love.

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  Now you can have your very own ladybug habitat complete with a dozen or so ladybugs in your bedroom, and you can watch them as

often as you like. We can thank the wonders of modern living for this. The wonders of the post office, the credit card, and of cause nature through the mail.

  The most common ladybug habitat on the market is another Insect Lore product, the Ladybug Land habitat. It is a very simple kind of habitat just a plastic bowl over a colorful plastic base but it does the trick, and the ladybugs are very visible. Also on top there is a built-in magnifying glass to give you a better view of what is going on in Ladybug Land.

                 Lady Bug Land

  This is the standard nature through the mail box-set, so you have to order the little ladybug larva after you have assembled the main ladybug habitat. This can take some time, which is always a problem and the company will

not send the larva out during winter, so the wait could be longer. Also they will not ship them to Oregon and Hawaii, but they will send them to Alaska, weather permitting.  


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  You receive a certificate for 15-20 live larva and after sending away, the larva come in a tube with their own food supply. The company guarantees that 10 will be perfect specimens. If there are any problems they will send you more. As with most of the nature in the mail critters, they come with an instruction booklet and fact sheets.

  Even though the Ladybird Land seems to be the only ladybird habitat on the market there are a couple of similar products available.  

  Ladybug Lantern

  One that looks quite promising is the Ladybugs with Lantern Habitat. This habitat is more like a butterfly habitat, a collapsible butterfly net cylinder very similar to the Butterfly Pavilion.

  Even though this is not a habitat as such, you can send away for somewhere between 75 and a 100 ladybug larva. This would ideal for the home gardener with an aphid problem. First you could have your kids grow the larva into ladybugs and after they are big enough the kids could release the ladybugs into your garden. The product specs recommend letting the big bugs free after you have shown your friends and keep then for a couple of days.                      

  You can also buy a large tub of Ladybugs at the local garden center , but for an educational experience this should be well worth the difference in price.

   This tub contains 1500 ladybugs.

Also the collapsible lantern can be reused to house other insects, whether flying or crawling.

  Another product on the market to do with ladybugs is the Ladybug Habitat. This colorful bucket comes with a ladybug attractant as well as with the standard fact sheets and booklets. This one is slightly different, as you do not send away for your ladybugs.

  The attractant is to attract them so you put the attractant in the bucket, put the bucket in the garden and wait to collect your ladybugs. A sort of do it yourself ladybug collecting kit. Then after you have finished observing the ladybugs you let them go free again.  

Ladybug Habitat

  You could use this in connection with the Ladybug Lantern. First you grow the ladybugs in the Ladybug Lantern, then let them go. After a few days you set up the Ladybug Habitat and see how many you can catch. Just a thought.  

   If you want ladybugs in your garden have a look at the Ladybug Cabin from AbirdsWorld. This beautiful looking ladybug home would be a welcome addition to your garden. After you let the ladybugs go, wait and see how many make a home in the Ladybug Cabin.

  One aspect about insects, ladybugs included, is they are temperature sensitive and that means if it gets cold they will stop growing. So if your larva or ladybugs stop getting bigger, move them to a sunny spot on a window ledge. That should cure the problem.

  Ladybugs are very beautiful insects, therefore a ladybug habitat where you can see the ladybugs up real close, would be ideal for the young insectologist in your family.  


  Article by Peter Legrove 2006, at    

**You have permission to reprint this article. Use it on your website, in your ezine or newsletter or in any printed form. The only requirement is to include the footnote at the base of the article and not change the wording**






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