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                                                                                                                                                      Kong dog toy

To give your dog a chewing workout try a Kong dog toy

The Kong has been around since 1976 and their products now have generations of followers. Dogs just love them as you can fill them up with treats or just plain old peanut butter When using a Kong just remember your dog is getting something to eat so ease up on the main meal or your dog could pack on the pounds.


The Kong is also excellent at cleaning teeth, the abrasive action of chewing the Kong helps scrape off the plaque and food particles. Also the Kong is excellent and getting over-weight dogs up and about. The different sizes ridges on the Kong make it bounce any which way and that keeps the most sedentary dog on its toes. 

As it is filled with treats that the dog can gnaw out, it fills the predatory role of the dog

The dog chases it food and as the Kong bounces all over the place this is good exercise. After catching the Kong your dog has to chew and scrape to get to the food. They are ideal if your dog is left alone for long periods of time as it gives them something to do and that something can take hours. 

For a bit of variety you can fill up the Kong and freeze it, then bring out it out and let your dog have a go at it. Here you have to be careful because at it thaws out it could leave little wet stains over your carpet but usually your dog will lick up anything that runs out of the Kong. 

The Kong come in all shapes and sizes so you are bound to find one that will suit your dog. Also when your dog gets his first Kong keep an eye on your dog just in case. Most Kongs are nearly indestructible but some dogs have managed to destroy them.

Anyway for all your Kong needs check out these stores.

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