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                                                                                                                                        human cause of global warming

Is the human cause of global warming the only cause of global warming?

The world seems to be so obsessed with this human cause of global warming that they are neglecting all the other possible causes. And some of the other possible causes are possibly more real than the human cause
of global warming. If the human cause of global warming is the reason behind the rising temperatures why hasnít somebody suggested that we start to look at ways of controlling the human population? 

That way there will be less people and therefore less humans to cause global warming

It seems the root cause of most of the planetís problems, including global warming, boils down to just too many people on the overpopulated planet. But the scientists are all blaming rising CO2 levels or the sun or something else, when the 6.3 billion problem is all around them. But nobody is looking in the right direction. 

But then again it will probably be easier and cheaper to try and lower CO2 levels than get the people on the overpopulated planet to reign in their reproductive habits. 

But not to worry when peak oil gets here and the oil wars start or global warming turns on us with a vengeance then we will realize that maybe, just maybe we should have looked at the population issue. That way we wonít have to watch our kids starve or get swept away in a swollen flooded river or walk out into a sun baked desert that was once a farm never to be seen again. 

The problem is, we the parents are going to have to pay the price for too many kids in our lifetime. That is how far away the future is, so we should be making preparations for the survival of our family now.

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