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                                                                                                                                      how to learn languages

Learning a language is not easy so how to learn languages.

Usually the people who know how to learn languages are the people who have already learnt a language. There are natural language learners who just seem to pick up a new language very easily and there is the rest of us. For us learning a language is not easy, it takes time and persistence. It

just seems like we are taking three steps forward and sliding back two steps. And this goes on for such a long time. 

I personally donít think there is an easy way when it comes to how to learn a language. 

It just boils down to time and persistence and constant repetition. The more time you spend learning the language the more you will learn. You will find the people who naturally learn languages put a lot of time in. They look at little cards on the bus, they listen to language tapes in their cars, they walk around listening to an MP3. They spend a lot of time on the language. Once you have mastered the pronunciation start reading aloud so you can hear your voice. Read aloud anything in the new language, especially dialogues. 

I think this reading aloud bit helps tremendously when it comes to how to learn languages. 

It gets you mouth and brain working together. How can you say a new word if you havenít said it before. And when you read aloud dialogues and you are in that situation then you know what to say. Another add on while you are learning a language is Mozart music. I donít know if it makes a difference but it sounds good. There are many how to learn language programs out there but it all boils down to time. The more time you put in the more you will learn.

For a collection of language learning programs see our Learn Another Language Page.




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