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Teaching Your Children To Read Try Montessori Reading and Writing


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homework help for teen

When you are looking for homework help for a teen it might be better to enroll the help of an online tutor.

     Teens are usually pretty good on the computer so they should benefit from a one to one session with a online tutor. Usually when teens have problems it is due to a problem that been growing for a while, or it is

something the teen just doesnít understand. If it is a one off thing and you donít know how to get the answer, grab an online tutor. They are pretty good at sorting out problems. 

Also teens should be pretty good on the internet so they should be able to find what they need to know. 

     You might just have to point them in the right direction and show them how to search effectively. With teens and the internet they seem to be very good at getting distracted and wondering off and looking at something else. 

To Homeschooling Parents And Parents of Children who are having Problems Learning to Read

Have A look At Three Free Videos About How to Teach Your Child To Read 

     Video 1: Introduction To Montessori Reading.

 Video 2: How To Make Sandpaper Letters. 

          Video 3: How To Teach Reading Using Sandpaper Letters

     As has been said many times before 'a picture tells a thousand words' and these free videos do just that. They are easier to understand as you can see how to make sandpaper letters then how to teach using them.  

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     You must try and instill in them to stay focused and get the job done before wondering off on Messenger or something else. If they can stay on the task at hand which is to complete their homework then they will get it done. 

For something they canít find and you donít know then it Ďs time to skype an online tutor. 

     I like tutor.com as they always seem to have a tutor on hand so you donít have to wait for one. If the homework problem is something that has been growing then we need a different approach. If it is a reading problem it is most likely a phonics problem

     We have found that most reading problems seem to vanish after the child has a good grasp of phonics. With a math problem check your child can do multiplication and division as the problem may be a not knowing the basics problem and they usually clear up when the child understands the basics. 

     Also for math try Khan Acabemy they are very good training vidos available free on youtube. And they cover nearly everything do to with maths right from beginner to advanced.

     For more resources to help your teen with homework help see our HomeWork help page.

    To join in the talk and meet other parents have your say in the forum.

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