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                                                                                                                                             health effects of global warming

In the future the health effects of global warming could be disastrous

As the levels of carbon dioxide increase in the atmosphere we could all start to suffer from severe lung related disorders as we breath in more pollution. In general with the planet tilting on the edge of extinction I
think the greatest health effects will come from malnutrition as the crops fail and from water borne illnesses as flood waters seep into the drinking water supply. 

As modern man has never experienced anything like this before we are not sure how we will be affected. 

Some people might be more concerned about too much sun increasing the risk of cancer while others will love the sun because they just donít get enough of it. I think the health effects of global warming will be something to do with less food as the farms dry out and with less water available we will not be as clean as we are used to. 

And that could cause many problems as we have increased the longevity of the human species by just being cleaner. Like when the Sars epidemic was going round the best advice the doctors gave us was to keep clean and to keep washing our hands with soap and water. 

So if there is not enough water around there will be more problems than just finding clean water to drink. 

After peak oil kicks in and we start to use more coal then pollution will start to get serious and that will have its own health effects and problems. At present pollution does cause a number of health related disorders but in the near future as we try to produce more electricity for the ever-increasing population and we plug up the air with soot and other pollution byproducts we will cause more health problems. So the health effects of global warming are not good and in the future it will get worse.

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