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"What You Need To Know To Survive The Future"

What You Need To Know To Survive The Future

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How to make an online CV using free software

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Go To China To Teach English, Learn Chinese And Have A Great Time

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Is the growth model over?

     Politicians and businessmen love the growth model. The more people there are the more money they spend. 

     But not so fast. 

Now with population pressures affecting everyday society does the cost of maintaining the growth model justify it's existence. The cost is in prisons, schools, hospitals and anything the government pays for that pays people who don't pay back.

     Schools might be the exception but nowadays not everybody leaves school fit to start a job. And the numbers of people entering university seem to dropping when compared to total population. 

People just don't want to be teachers, police officers or prison guards anymore. 

     In some countries now ambulance staff are wearing body armor. Society has degenerated into what it is today and that could be blamed on the growth model. After watching National Geographic's "Lockdown" and Discovery's "Inside" I am not surprised people don't want to be prison guards anymore.    

     Also after watching John Stossel's "Dumb in America" we could say the education system is just another way to fleece money from the tax payer. It has been mentioned that modern medicine is the number one cause of death in America so hospitals are definitely failing.

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     Then again that might be a form of population control but the costs to the tax payer far out weight the benefits. 

There are much better methods of population control than modern medicine. 

     So really the growth model is just dragging down western society while China which has population control is heading for superpower status. And it doesn't seem to have the many social problems that plague the west. 

     So what do we do? 

     Do something no politician wants - bring in the sustainable model. And that means population control. 

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