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                                                                                                                                           greenhouse gas global warming

Global warming is basically caused by a build up of greenhouse gas in the atmosphere

A large number of scientists have pointed out that human activities are causing greenhouse gases to accumulate in the atmosphere stopping the heat from escaping into space. This is ultimately heating up the planet
causing global warming. This problem is tied to our use of fossil fuels like oil and coal. When we burn fossil fuels we release CO2 or carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and so far we have increased the levels of CO2 in the atmosphere to the highest levels ever in the history of the earth.

There is a small vocal minority of climate scientists who say greenhouse gases are not the problem. We are just in a natural cycle of the planet warming caused by the sun or the increase of water vapor in the atmosphere. They say that carbon dioxide is a byproduct of global warming not the cause of it. 

I donít care who is right or wrong I am just looking for a safe place to set up shop with my family to give them the best chance of surviving the future. I maintain if the scientists who say human activities are causing global warming, but are not even mentioning controlling the population then I think they are not serious. There is an obvious connection between the two but nobody has joined the dots. So I believe global warming is just a part of the planetís natural cycle and greenhouse gases only play a small part in the big picture. 

Anyway the media frenzy had died down somewhat and there is less about global warming in the news these days. But that doesnít mean we can blindly carry on the way we have been doing. The weather has caused great civilizations to rise and fall so why should we be any different. I am looking for a small block of land near a small village the I can live off while the world collapses.

To have your say check out the Blog then head over to our Global Warming page for more information and resources.  


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