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Teaching Your Children To Read Try Montessori Reading and Writing

Find out How Your Children Can..... 

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                                                                                            grammar homework help

English grammar can be quite confusing so sometimes your kids do need grammar homework help

     In English grammar there are some hard and fast rules but, and this is a big but, not everything follows the rules and these are where the problems are. The best way to overcome grammar problems is to turn

your children into avid readers of books, fiction and non-fiction. This way they see grammar in action and they soon understand the rules and how grammar fits together. 

If your children are having problems with reading then you have to step in and do something. 

     Once a child gets left behind in reading, then they get left behind in every subject. How can they pass a test if they canít read the test paper. Actually grammar rules are needed for writing but to learn grammar you need to read. When you read the written word it flows together so after writing a piece it should flow. And that is the test of good grammar. 

So for grammar homework help start reading. 

     If your children have problems with reading then itís time to start a phonics program. Most experts seem to agree if the child canít read itís a phonics problem to do with decoding the written word. 

To Homeschooling Parents And Parents of Children who are having Problems Learning to Read

Have A look At Three Free Videos About How to Teach Your Child To Read 

     Video 1: Introduction To Montessori Reading.

 Video 2: How To Make Sandpaper Letters. 

          Video 3: How To Teach Reading Using Sandpaper Letters

     As has been said many times before 'a picture tells a thousand words' and these free videos do just that. They are easier to understand as you can see how to make sandpaper letters then how to teach using them.  

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     There are a number of very good phonics programs available. I prefer the Montessori Approach as the sandpaper letters help implant the phonics sounds and words in the childís memory. 

     Once the childís reading ability has been encouraged then you should find that grammar homework help problems will just simply vanish. Because the more the child reads the more they see how grammar and the written word all come together. Some grammar problems with spelling may still persist, but generally speaking, that is to do with sight words and over time reading will cure this also.           

     For more homework help resources see our Homework Help page.

     To have a chat to other parents and to find out more about learning to read go to our forum.

Thank you for your time


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