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             global warming

If you have young children you could quite possible be worried about global warming and what type of future there will be for your children. 

     Global warming is here now, and it will very soon start to affect us all. If you already have children it is time to start planning for their future. And their future could be very different from how we are living our lives now. 

To do this you will need to learn new skills. And you will need to start to look at the future in a different light. You are basically on your own. I would start by looking at ways to live with less. Like turning the lawn into an edible garden – this way you will at least have a little food close at hand. And it is a good hobby for the kids, they usually love to do things so why not get them going in the garden.


Also as global warming is tied to pollution from our oil based economy we should look at ways to use less oil. 

     That means windmills and solar panels. Normally with any global warming weather disaster the electricity goes off, so if you have your own supply you are sitting pretty. 

     Because of the changes in the weather that global warming will bring about it is very difficult to predict the best place to live. I always check for flood plains but that doesn’t mean you will be safe from floods. The two extremes of weather - drought and flood - will become more prevalent, and you should try and find a place that will not be affected by them. 


     Water - either too much or too little will cause problems in the future, so learn how to grow vegetables with as little water as possible and learn ways to Recycle, Water . Now, to help save the planet change your car from petrol to something that doesn’t pollute so much. And learn to live with less. Lastly if you haven’t had children yet, just stick to one or two. That way you will have less to look after, after the weather turns bad.

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