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Which global warming video do you think will motivate the people on the over populated planet to turn off the lights

Lately there have been a number of very good videos about global warming. The most well known is Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth possibly the first video to bring the global warming crisis to the people on the overpopulated planet. I quite liked it. The movie brought home the message

that if we don’t do something differently we are all doomed. But the effect didn’t last long and now everybody is carrying on with the business as usual model. 

Actually the whole global warming thing has died down. 

Just last week when the movie ‘Life At The End Of The Empire’ was released one of my friends just said “Oh just another global warming video.” A while back I was in a theater watching a film festival movie ‘The Planet’ about global warming and on the way out I overheard somebody saying ‘Just another Scare Movie.’ 

So maybe movies are just not getting through to the people on the over-populated planet. 

Anyway since ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ came out it is in vogue to come out with a global warming  – save the planet - type of video and nearly every TV network is bringing the videos out quite regularly. I cannot say I’ve seen any that have moved me. I must admit Al Gore’s video was the best so far and I have seen most of the global warming videos out there. 

Anyway on the other side of the fence debunking the theory that human activities are causing the planet to warm up we have ‘The Great Global Warming Swindle.’ This video pulls apart the theory and it is a good watch. I highly recommend it. So if you are into global warming videos there are a lot our there and there is more coming. 

For more information about global warming see our Global Warming page, then head over to the Blog to have your say



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