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                                                                                                                                                global warming update

With global warming slowly fading from the front page there are not too many global warming updates around

Most global warming updates nowadays seem to be focused on debunking An Inconvenient Truth and manmade global warming. Before Al Gore was king of the global warming fraternity and the opposition was a British documentary The Great Global Warming Swindle that tried to debunk the science behind Alís video. 

Now YouTube has many short videos updates pulling An Inconvenient Truth to bits. 

Just search global warming on YouTube and see what you can find. As with most news, global warming has lost out the top lot to the mortgage meltdown and the looming economic recession. So if you are after the latest global warming updates you will have to do an internet search and see what comes up. Just check the dates to get the latest. 

One part of the great global warming debate that is actually creating more updates is the overpopulation side of the equation. 

In the video Al showed the population graph from year dot till now. In the last hundred or so years the population numbers have been reaching for the stars. Al made a few comments but fell way short of saying if global warming is caused by activities of mankind then why donít we start to limit population. 

I have seen updates that state the population is starting to level off. But I think if global warming is going to happen it will take out a large proportion of the population before it is finished. Iíll have to look out for the global warming updates on that one. At the moment with recession looming global warming is going to take a back seat to surviving. So it will be a good time to update your skills in self-sufficient living.

To have your say check out the Blog then head over to our Global Warming page for more information and resources.  


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