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                                                                                                                                                    global warming treaty

The global warming treaty is short for The Kyoto Global Warming Treaty or something like that.

The Kyoto Global Warming Treaty basically states that countries that join the treaty will reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, mainly CO2, to below 1990 levels by 2012. A nearly impossible task for oil and coal based
economies, which is nearly every country in the world, generally speaking. 

I still think the best way to cut CO2 emissions is introduce population control. 

I still donít know if that would work as China has a One Child Policy and they now produce more greenhouse gases that the good old USA. We should look at Japan as their economy has been in recession for the last 15 years and their population growth is below sustainable levels. I have not seen any charts, but if their greenhouse gas levels have been decreasing for the last 15 years then maybe that is the way to go. 

Japan has a sort of save the environment mentality that the rest of the world doesnít have. 

I think it could be brought about by the Japanese cartoon movies. In a lot of Japanese cartoon movies,  they predict the future as a manmade environmental disaster with small bands of people surviving in line with the spirits of the forest. I think this has seeped into the psychic of the young people and they think differently from other young people. I think that is why the global warming treaty started in Japan. 

The global warming treaty will not be viable in democratic societies as it will cause economic hardship and anyone who brings it in will get voted out of office. That is why President Bush didnít join Kyoto until the very end. Also there is some debate as to whether CO2 actually causes global warming so reducing it will not make any difference.

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