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                                                                                                                                                    global warming theory

The theory behind global warming is quite simple - human activities are heating up the planet

The global warming theory does get more complicated depending on which global warming video you watch. It is as simple as saying we are heating up the planet, if you belong to the Al Gore camp and watch his movie An Inconvenient Truth. He basically says human activities like the
burning of fossil fuels are causing the CO2 levels in the atmosphere to rise therefore contributing to global warming. 

That would be a nice simple explanation except the BBC brought out their global warming video The Great Global Warming Swindle

This movie basically says the sun and moisture in the atmosphere are responsible for global warming and CO2 only plays a very small part. So who do you believe? I looked at the global warming diagrams and timelines and to me it looks like population growth and global warming are perfectly matched. 

As the population increased so does global warming. 

And now we are at the stage where there are too many people on the overpopulated planet. Al Gore never put two and two together and figured out if human activities are causing global warming then we should do something about our population and that should affect global warming. 

Really I think there is very little we can do about global warming except plan for you and your family’s future. Carbon trading is definitely not going to stop global warming so why bother with it. You can’t rely on our politicians, you can just rely on you and your family. The only problem with global warming theory is it will soon be global warming fact. Then what do you do when the dustbowl of the 1930s returns.

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