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If you are going to study global warming where do you start.

Well you can start your study by watching a few of the many videos that the global warming craze has spewed up. It seems that the global warming phenomena is also a global warming video phenomena to see who can come out with the next great global warming video

Anyway Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth will take some beating. It has somehow managed to take junk science to new heights and in doing so has given Al a Nobel Prize. The other side of the coin is the video The Great Global Warming Swindle which tries rather successfully I must admit, to debunk most of the junk science in Al Gore’s video. 

So to get your study under way head for the nearest video shop. 

At the moment the scientific community is still trying to find out how global warming comes about so they can do something about it. If they stopped wasting precious time then some people on the overpopulated planet might survive to continue the human race. 

At the moment Al keeps saying that human activities are behind the rise in global temperatures. 

But he misses the point completely by not bringing up some way to control the human population. Actually the numbers of people on the overpopulated planet are the reasons we’re causing other species to go extinct. So if you are going to study global warming it might be better to stick to the effects of global warming, as trying to figure out what causes it. As that is still baffling the best brains in the scientific community. 

In your study bring in the graph of population growth against CO2 levels and you will see they are nearly exact. Then you can put two and two together. 

To have your say check out the Blog then head over to our Global Warming page for more information and resources.  


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