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                                                                                                                                                               global warming skeptic

Even though most scientists on the over-populated planet seem to agree with global warming there will always be some global warming skeptics around.

Actually when we talk about global warming we are usually talking about something we know very little about. It seems the crowd with the best video, whether it is based on good science or junk science, is the

dominant force in the great global warming debate. In a situation like this there is no wonder there are global warming skeptics around. 

Most people on the over-populated planet donít care. 

They carry on business as usual, driving their SUVs and using as much electricity and petrol as they can. And in their spare time they march against windmills and deserts of solar panels. While the scientific community battle out which junk science is better than the other. 

In a situation like this there are bound to be skeptics. 

On one side you have Al Gore and his 'Inconvenient Truth' and on the other side you have the followers of The Great Global Warming Swindle. And somewhere on the very edge there are the global warming ice age people. And itís no wonder there are more than a few global warming skeptics around. As they donít know which side to follow so they carry on like most of the people on the overpopulated planet. And use up the last resources as fast as they can before somebody else. 

The global warming skeptics could be under the impression that if they stopped burning fossil fuels and heating up the planet everybody else will use it for them, so why bother. For more resources and information about global warming see our Global Warming page.

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