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                                                                                                                                                  global warming research

The global warming research that is being quoted in the scientific journals seems to point to us as the main causes of global warming

Mankind has invaded every niche on the planet but it is our insatiable appetite for energy that is possibly behind all the global warming research funding. It is our burning of fossil fuels to keep our economies alive that
is behind the global warming peril that is blanketing our future. 

With all the global warming research that is pointing to mankind as the main culprit no one has ever mentioned controlling the population. It is obvious really. If mankindís activities are causing global warming then start limiting mankind and that means following Chinaís lead with her One Child Policy. 

Another thing about the global warming research is it is remodeled to fit whichever side you are on.  

There are documentaries about global warming being caused by man as in Al Goreís An Inconvenient Truth. And on the other side we have the Great Global Warming Swindle which debunks most of the global warming research as junk science and blames the warming on the sun. It doesnít really matter if global warming is caused by whatever, because it is here and it seems to be getting worse. 

I donít really know whether the global warming research is junk science or not. 

All I know is my kids and I have to live in a world where the weather is changing and I have to make the right chooses or my family will suffer. It is very hard to know what to do as the weather patterns could change in the area where you live. You could go from a good growing season to drought or flood in a very short space of time. Anyway I am waiting for the results of the next global warming research study before I make up my mind what to do.

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