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When will global warming pollution blanket the planet?

After we start running out of oil and more coal is used to produce electricity to power our over populated world, we are going to run into severe global warming pollution. At the moment pollution is nothing compared to what it will be like when we start replacing oil with coal

Coal is one of the worst polluters we have and we have been trying to limit its use. 

But with the uninformed on the over population planet doing their best to stop people putting up windmills and covering the vast desert sands with solar panels. There is really not much hope for a pollution free future. I was always under the impression that peak oil would take us out first. But I think global warming pollution will be an even greater threat as the planet heats up more when we start burning more coal. And we will. 

We have our chance now to stick up windmills and solar panels but what are we doing. Buying SUVs instead and trying to squeeze the last drop of oil out of the earth. The global warming pollution problem is going to get worse very soon as oil is now starting to get scarce

I cannot see the people on the planet we call home joining hands and stopping the global warming pollution. 

We are so used to having electricity at the flick of a switch that we will demand it and our politicians will deliver. Because they will get kicked out if they donít and that means burning more coal to keep the people on the over populated planet happy. Democracy doesnít work when things go from bad to worse. One good thing will come of it, the people stopping the windmills wonít go without electricity so they might start to change their minds. But then it will be too late.

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