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Many global warming papers have been written but are the facts real or man made

When you are researching global warming papers you seem to find out that what is stated as fact in some of the great global warming videos has actually been twisted to suit the theme of the video. Also one little word that is used very frequently in the videos conjures up great fears of

the future and the culprit is if.  “If this happens then we will be doomed.” But the commentators forget to mention that the chances of that happening are rather small. 

So to find the real facts you need to start looking at the global warming papers yourself instead of relying on what the videos say. 

Forget the doom and gloom and try and figure out for yourself what will happen. A global warming paper that I haven’t see is one that connects our rather rapid population growth over the last 100 years to global warming. Not all of the graphs in the video An Inconvenient Truth were doctored and one I think is true - not like the hockey stick- is the population graph from year dot to now. As you can see the population has suddenly gone through the roof and this rather simple graph should be of more concern to the people on the overpopulated planet than it is. 

There must be some connection between population and global warming, as the hockey stick and the population growth mirror each other. 

So one could assume that population growth affects global warming. But alas there are no global warming papers about how our bludgeoning population is destroying the planet, or none that I have seen. Even though global warming might be debunked as junk science we do have problems with the planet. And the one problem we should be looking at instead of looking as global warming papers is the overpopulation of the planet.

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