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                                                                                                                                                                         global warming ocean

The ocean plays a very important part in the great global warming debate.

Most in the scientific community seem to agree on the oceans helping to absorb CO2 from the atmosphere but that is where the agreement ends. We have some scientists saying the ocean conveyer belt or the gulf stream will slow down and throw the northern hemisphere into another ice age

While others are doing the debate thing about how high the oceans will rise when the ice melts. They have come up with some real doom and gloom scenarios involving flooded coastal cities causing mass migrations. There is some real good stuff coming out of the global warming ocean discussion but really nobody seems to know what is going to happen. 

This whole global warming argument seems to be based on the best guess, but there are many best guesses so what do you do. 

Well for a start, move to the southern hemisphere and live on a mountain. This will take care of a few of the best guesses and probably turn you into one of the few survivors that are left to start humanity off again. 

Iíve nearly given up on what the experts say as they all say something different.

So make the most of the ocean before it freezes up. And eat a few deep sea fish because as the oceans warm up, the fish will die and then there will no ocean fish left to eat. One thing the global warming experts havenít mentioned is all the pollution and oils slicks floating around in the ocean that are caused by all the people on the overpopulated. One would assume that if there were less people there would be less pollution and less oil slicks and less CO2 to be absorbed therefore less global warming. But that is not as exciting as best guessing and doctoring global warming data so it looks like we heading for a global disaster of unthinkable consequences.

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