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                                                                                                                                                                            global warming news

It looks like the global warming frenzy is dying down so nowadays there is not much global warming news

At the height of the frenzy just after Al Gore’s ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ global warming news was hot stuff and the people on the over-populated planet loved it. And it was everywhere. Talk shows were having a ball interviewing the stars of global warming and running down the politicians. 

It all changed after President Bush changed his view and joined the crowd who say global warming is caused by human activities. When he was the lone voice saying there was no scientific proof that mankind was causing global warming. And getting blamed for withholding valuable information from the press, the news was having a ball. Some TV networks even made documentaries about it. But now he has changed sides the global warming news has taken a back seat to the mortgage meltdown news, which is dominating the media at the moment. 

Even in the height of the frenzy where it seemed the whole world was behind the theory that human activity was causing the planet to heat up, nobody came out and said we should limit the population. It is obvious really if people are causing global warming we should do something about people and that means bring in some population control measures. 

China has already done it so why cant we. 

But it seems the people on the over-populated planet don’t want to do this. They don’t seem to realize that we are screwing up the planet for our children and our children are the ones who will suffer the full effects of global warming. But that is their problem or is it.

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