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                                                                                                                                                                  global warming news article

Where are all the global warming news articles now

Now global warming news articles have taken a back seat to the mortgage meltdown and the financial crisis. It seems the people on the overpopulated planet just canít stay focused on the same doom and gloom story for very long. The have to have a bit of variety in their lives.

And dramatic news changes so fast it is difficult to keep up with it. 

It is not surprising that global warming has fallen off the pedestal as we

all want action now. Global warming is like a slow insidious cancer that is slowly engulfing the planet. And by the time we wake up again to its effects it might be too late. But that is human nature, we only worry about what is happening now. 

The effects of global warming could be catastrophic for the inhabitants of the over populated planet. 

But that is the future so why do anything now, it is not here yet. One thing we should be doing is talking about global population and how global warming and population are going to clash in the not to distant future. 

To my knowledge there are no voices in the wilderness recommending limiting population as a means of controlling global warming. No one at the Bali Global Warming Conference mentioned anything about population. Yet when you look at the world population chart and the CO2 chart they match each other. And it is obvious if activities of man are causing global warming then we start to do something about the population. 

World Watch is calling population an elephant in a cupboard but very few people are listening. I think families on the overpopulated planet should start to voluntarily have smaller families. At least this would be a start.

To have your say check out the Blog then head over to our Global Warming page for more information and resources.





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