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Nasa scientists say global warming is caused by mankind.

The general consensus from NASA is that global warming is a byproduct of man and is not caused by other factors. Their endorsement has caused a bit of controversy as they are a big force in the global scientific community. A number of anti mankind activities causing global warming skeptics are quite vocal about some of NASAís claims, saying NASA is omitting data that is relevant to the global warming debate

With NASAís array of scientific equipment they should be able to come up with an unbiased opinion about global warming. But they seem to just favor the man made side. For some reason it seems the global warming crisis  caused by manmade side is the side to be on. And a lot of scientific evidence that does not support this view has been simply overlooked or changed to support it. 

That is the main gripe of the global warming caused by other factors people. 

In my humble opinion it doesnít matter what causes global warming because it is here and it is going to affect us all in the not too distant future. And I think the numbers of people on the overpopulated planet has more to do with the future of the planet than any of NASAís global warming data  whether it has been doctored or not. 

But no one in positions of power think the same way so it is up to us

So parents if you donít want your kids to die in a heat wave or some other global weather disaster donít have too many. I think China has got the right idea with their One Child Policy but somehow I donít think that is working so well these days. Last year when I was in China I put my kid in a kindergarten and me and the other foreigner were the only parents with one child. All the people controlled by the one child policy had two or three, so that is not exactly top priority for China at the moment. I think that is more to do with using as much oil as they can before it runs out.

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