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                                                                                                                                       global warming map

The global warming map seems to be changing all the time and some parts of the planet are warming up fast

In all the documentaries about global warming they invariably come up with a global warming map that shows which parts of the planet are warming up. Then they bring in the scary stuff and project the global
warming map into the future so we can see what it will be like in, usually 2030. I donít really know why they pick that year but they all seem too. 

According to the models the planet could be over 5 degrees Celsius hotter in the next 20 to 25 years. And the really scary part is I could still be alive then to see if the models are correct. But the people on the over-populated planet donít seem to mind, they love the heat and want it to get hotter especially if you live in Canada. 

And the rest donít care. 

They are trying to stop electricity from windmills because they donít use fossil fuels

Solar panels are another thing the dislike intensely especially if you are going to put them in a desert where nobody goes. The especially dislike windmills way out in the ocean where nobody can see them let alone visit them. 

The people on the over-populated planet look at the global warming maps and try their best to see how they can make it hotter. If human activities are heating up the planet then you would think we could decrease human activities by not having so many kids, but no one seems to have thought of that yet. So it keeps getting hotter and we keep having kids so they can increase the areas of red on the global warming map and we all love it. 


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