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                                                                                                                                                                               global warming issue

What is this global warming issue that is causing the big global warming debate

The global warming issue at stake is whether the present global warming trend is caused by human activity or natural cycles. It seems that most people and governments agree with the human activity model, which is

referred to by the big name of Anthropogenically driven Global Warming or AGW for short. These are the crowd that follow Al Gore and his An Inconvenient Truth movie. At the moment they are not really doing very much except talk to address the problem. 

The other side of the coin say that global warming is caused by forces of nature and not mankind and they follow the movie The Great Global Warming Swindle. They are spending most of their time trying to convince the other side that they are right and Al Gore is following junk science. And in the process the global warming issue has got lost and tied up in petty bickering so nothing is being done. 

I donít really care how global warming is caused but I am a bit concerned about the future. 

There is a problem with global warming, peak oil and population overshoot. Something is going to happen to the planet and all we are doing is bickering about a global warming issue that we should be trying to solve. The two sides are so wrapped up in proving the other side wrong that they are putting the future of mankind in jeopardy. And nobody cares except a few burnt out hippies who are trying to set up energy free communes in various countries around the globe, so the human species will not be a contender for extinction. Things are that bad and getting worse. 

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