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                                                                                                                                     global warming info

The problem with global warming info is there is just too much of it

Trying to wade your way through all the global warming info is a daunting task as there are heaps of books to read and videos to watch. I stick to reading the juicy bits on the internet but that has now degenerated onto
each side trying to debunk the other side. So really Iím not sure where we stand with the global warming crisis, but it is happening and it possibly will get worse. 

Even though there are two sides to the global warning debate there are also scientists who use global warming research to say we are heading into a new ice age. So with all this global warming info that is available I would say we still donít know what is going on. 

If the Al Gores of the world who say activities of mankind are to blame for global warming, then they mustnít be too serious as no one as ever mentioned limiting population, like China. China has leaped ahead on the back of the One Child Policy, but now they are contenders for the country causing the most global warming. So maybe the One Child Policy is not such a good thing. But then India doesnít have population control and their country is also leaping ahead and in the process causing more global warming. 

There could be a connection between population and global warming but I have not heard of one yet. 

On the National Geographic Channel (Nov 2007) they had a program about who built the pyramids in Egypt and they said the Western Desert was once an open savannah with seasonal water, but now it is bone dry. And when it started to dry up the people moved to the Nile. So global warming goes back a long way.

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