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                                                                                                                                                                            global warming hoax

I somehow think the global warming hoax is actually not a hoax

Climate change is very real and I think nearly everybody on the overpopulated planet agrees with it. But there are global warming fanatics and somewhere in there are the great global warming hoax people. I think the people who have been classified as the great global

warming hoax people are the fringe scientists who do not believe in the idea that global warming is caused by human activities. They say it is caused by the sun and moisture in the atmosphere or something like that, whereas the Al Gore crowd says it is caused by the increase in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. 

And in the mix somewhere between the fanatics and the hoaxers are the deep freeze people

They believe that climate change will throw the world into a new ice age. Some scientists I grew up with by watching their TV programs are in the ice age crowd so I think they could be right. I havenít written them off as being wacko or anything like that. 

Iím getting a bit worried about the crowd who keep saying that global warming is caused by human activities. 

They might even be the great global warming hoax people. They keep going on about how human activities and fossil fuel burning and how people are destroying the planet, but they never mention controlling the population. And to me it seems obvious, if human activities are causing global warming then we should do something about the population. But they never mention that. Actually nobody has mentioned it. Even scientists who have mentioned it in the context of saving habitats so other species wont go extinct, are mum when it comes to global warming. So there must be more at play than just global warming, hoax or not. For more information about global warming see our Global Warming page.

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