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                                                                                                                            global warming gulf stream

Why do some scientists say that global warming could slow down the Gulf Stream thereby throwing the UK and Northern Europe into an ice age.

The Gulf Stream is an ocean current that brings warm water for the Pacific Ocean upwards to the Northern Hemisphere. It flows around the UK and Northern Europe keeping these countries warmer. The theory goes if the Gulf Stream slows down then less warm water will be dragged northwards and the countries will start to freeze up. It seems to only affect Europe and the UK. On the Canada side on the same latitude it is freezing. 

Some scientists say it is already slowing down and it is only a matter of time before a mini ice age sets in. 

The reason the Gulf Stream is slowing down is because global warming is melting the ice causing more fresh water to end up in the ocean. This affects the composition of the oceans causing the Gulf Stream to slow down. Or something like that, Iím not to sure about the technical stuff but it seems to be caused by global warming

If global warming is caused by the sun as has been suggested then there is very little we can do about it. 

But if, as Al Gore says, it is caused by human activities then we can do something, but nobody seems to know what to do. I think AL should have put two and two together and come up with limiting population somewhere in the mix. In his video he showed a graph of the population going back till when we still lived in a cave, but he never made the connection between population and global warming

It stands to reason if human activities are causing global warming then we should start to limit the human population and this way there will be less human activities therefore less global warming. But alas he never connected the dots and the people on the overpopulated planet have to put up with more and more people. And if the Gulf Stream clicks out of gear, then there will be mass migrations to the southern areas. 

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