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                                                                                                                                                                  global warming fact or fiction

With all the media hullabaloo about global warming the people on the overpopulated planet want to know if global warming is fact or fiction

With all the news about hear waves and hurricanes it would seem that global warming is a fact. So what is the fiction

side of the deal? Well it seems the Al Gore crowd have taken junk science to new heights and some of the facts and conclusions in the An Inconvenient Truth video are fiction. 

I must admit it is a good movie, I loved it. 

It started a new craze, ‘who can make the best global warming movie’ and his movie will be pretty hard to beat. Now there are global warming movies popping up everywhere, but it now seems the people on the overpopulated planet have had enough global warming videos, and they have gone back to watching the news

The other movie that will be pretty hard to beat is The Great Global Warming Swindle. 

They are on the opposite side to Al and they use a bit of real science in that movie, but even some scientists debate their facts. It seems that global warming fact or fiction depends on what movie or documentary you watch. What is fact in one movie is fiction in another and visa versa. It is a slightly confusing situation. What I can't understand is when they say global warming is caused by human activities, then way don’t the say we should bring in voluntary population control. 

If global warming is going to cause the end of civilization as we know it, then you don’t want to bring more kids into the world. Global warming is going to make life very difficult for them. But alas it seems no one has joined the dots and figured that one out yet. So more and more people end up on the overpopulated planet and we use up more resources and more food and the cycle goes on and on. When it is going to end. 

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