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                                                                                                                                                                            global warming diagram

It seems that a number of global warming diagrams have been doctored to show what you want them to show.

Really the great global warming argument has got completely out of hand with junk science and doctored global warming diagrams. We, the great global warming skeptics just donít know what to believe. It seems the

planet could end up a lovely sandy desert or covered in glaciers from the next ice age depending on who you believe.

So who do the people on the over-populated planet believe. 

It seems the global warming diagram that has caused the most controversy is the hockey stick model of global warming. Which basically shows a flat line until we started using coal and oil then it goes to the moon. It is the same line as the population growth on the over-populated planet. Al showed the graphs beautifully in his movie but only a few scientists have put those two together yet.

Maybe, just maybe coal and oil use caused the population to increase, which caused the carbon dioxide levels to increase. 

So if we start controlling population growth then the carbon dioxide levels should come down then global warming would be under control. Well that is the theory anyway. 

If you are into global warming videos like I am, then the BBC brought out a documentary that showed that the Thames River was frozen over about 200 years ago. There were paintings of people ice-skating on the river. They called it the mini ice age. On some of the global warming diagrams that come with the videos there is nothing about this mini ice age. So who do the people on the overpopulated planet believe or do they just join the swelling ranks of the global warming skeptics. So the great global warming hoax, continues and it is still the side that has the best video is the winner. But the people on the overpopulated planet are now getting tired of global warming videos

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