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                                                                                                                                                                        global warming controversy

It seems the global warming controversy is a bit too much for the people on the overpopulated planet to understand.

With all the different global warming videos and movies out there and the many more coming online itís no wonder the inhabitants are getting slightly confused with this global warming controversy thing. Even I have

trouble trying to work out what is going on and I watch nearly all the videos. It seems that when Al Gore brought out his An Inconvenient Truth he was not all that truthful about some of his interpretations of the facts and that seems to have started the controversy. 

His video points out that human activities are causing global warming

But one point I thought he should have mentioned but it must have slipped his mind like it has slipped everybody else's mind, is the little point about controlling the population. It seems to be quite obvious to me that if people are causing global warming, we should do something about the numbers of people on the planet. Al did start the debate by showing the population graph that shows how the population has increased at about the same rate as CO2 levels have increased. But he stopped short of saying we should do something about population control.

But that is not the controversy. 

Some of the other global warming videos have pointed out that Al has somehow single handedly managed to rewrite the story of global warming by using a few minor details of global warming like CO2 levels. This is where the controversy gets really interesting. Al based his whole movie on the rising carbon dioxide levels. But a few of the other videos say CO2 levels in the atmosphere are so low they could have a very small influence on global warming and they blame the sun, the water vapor in the atmosphere or natural cycles of the earth or whatever. 

And this is the basis of the great global warming controversy but for the people on the overpopulated planet all they have to do now is wait for the next global warming movie and that wont be too long in coming. To have your say check out the Blog then head over to out Global Warming page to find out more information and resources.










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