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Carbon and global warming for some reason seem to go together

The human race has been referred as hydrocarbon man because our energy comes from carbon based fuels like coal and oil. Coal and oil are byproducts of the forces that combined to make this planet. They have lain dormant in the planet for billions of years until mankind came along and started burning them up. 

There are a few problems with carbon based fuels and the one that concerns us is global warming. 

As we burn the carbon based coal and oil, carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere and it is this carbon dioxide that is causing global warming. Or so Al Gore and his Inconvenient Truth crowd keep telling us. But there is a bit more to the global warming carbon cycle and that is the people on the over-populated planet keep burning the stuff. And at present anything that is invented to take the place of carbon is quickly recycled to the rubbish bin like the electric car. 

Windmills are something to get rid off also as they are an eyesore even if you can't see them because they are so far offshore. We can’t have them because they don’t use carbon based fuel. And the best kept secret on the planet is, we are running out of oil. But we still make cars to run on oil as if there is no tomorrow. And right now with global warming and peak oil it looks like there could be no tomorrow. 

One little thing the anti carbon dioxide crowd is forgetting is if mankind is using the coal and oil wouldn’t it be  obvious to start limiting the population on the over-populated planet. No off course not, we can't do that. China does. 

Anyway for more information about global warming and peak oil see our global warming page and have your say on the Blog.



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