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There are a number of global warming books available but the real emphasis is on who can come out with the next best global warming video

Global warming videos have taken the people on the overpopulated planet by storm leaving only a little time to read global warming books. At the moment there is no one global warming book that is nearly as popular as

the videos. Al brought his movie An Inconvenient Truth out in a book but I donít think it is as popular as the video. 

With the younger generation brought up with DVDs and the internet, Iím not surprised there is no one book that stands out above the rest. 

This whole global warming thing took on a momentum of itís own with Al Goreís road show and the video. Global warming books were not even part of the mix. I havenít read any books about global warming I just watch the videos and I have watched nearly all of them. I love reading but no one book on global warming is the leader of the pack so I canít recommend any. The Great Global Warming Fiasco has mastered the art of confusing the people on the overpopulated planet so much so that nothing gets done. 

It has taken the scientific community years just to agree that there is a problem. 

They have spent most of the time trying to prove that the other side uses junk science while the earth has been heating up and the ice has been melting. In my humble view if human activities are causing the planet to overheat then we should start to control the population. 

It basically all boils down to population because the more people there are, the more fossil fuels you burn to give them energy. It is our insatiable quest for energy that we wouldnít need if there were less people. So the people on the overpopulated planet keep having kids because they donít know any better. 

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